Here the coordinators of the Forest Solutions Dialogue will share the results of progress, briefing documents, webinar recordings and other informative materials. 

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Climate Action Teams

Suzi Kerr’s (EDF) presentation on creating and modeling Climate Action Teams (CAT), and how to nest REDD+ into a CAT baseline. View here

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New Zealand’s Forest Strategy

Below are a series of presentations on New Zealand’s forest strategy: Lizzie Cameron’s (Ministry of Primary Industries, NZ) presentation on New Zealand’s forest management strategy and forest-based mitigation measures. View here Craig Elveridge’s (expert REDD+ Reviewer) presentation on the REDD+ technical review process and key areas for improvement. View here…

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Discussion Questions for Articles 5 and 6.2

This discussion slide helps readers think through how REDD+ can meet the key Article 6.2 requirements in order to use Internationally-Transferred Mitigation Outcomes.   It draws attention to the areas where REDD+ will need to meet Article 6.2 requirements in a manner likely more detailed than the Warsaw Framework for REDD+.…

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International Mitigation Partnerships for Forests

In this report, Climate Advisers suggests policy structures to leverage Article 6 and natural climate solutions through international cooperation between two or more countries. We provide a guide for designing cooperative approaches through International Mitigation Partnerships using forests as an example. Report PDF

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