The Forest Solutions Dialogue: Designing Cooperative Approaches for Climate Action UPDATED JUNE 10, 2020

This document proposes the concept note for the Cooperative Approaches for Forests Dialogue, focused on the design and implementation of partnerships for forests under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Through its Articles 5 and 6, and the NDC updating process, the Paris Agreement contains the tools to harness the mitigation potential of forests. With the rising political will and scientific necessity for forests-based mitigation, the time is ripe to put these tools into practice.

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Can cooperation on REDD+ under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement start now, or is further guidance needed?

This paper analyses Article 5 and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and examines whether current REDD+ decisions are sufficient to initiate the use of cooperative approaches under Article 6.2 for REDD+. The paper finds that cooperation on REDD+ can start now under Article 6.2, but additional guidance is needed on how to meet meet certain environmental integrity requirements to use internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMOs). Such guidance, however, does not have to come from the UNFCCC. Parties cooperating under Article 6.2 can agree amongst themselves on detailed, REDD+ specific guidance and approaches, particularly with regard to environmental integrity and robust accounting requirements. Third-party standards for existing REDD+ could help inform such approaches and form a resource for countries.

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