Kyra Althaus

New Zealand’s Forest Strategy

Below are a series of presentations on New Zealand’s forest strategy:

Lizzie Cameron’s (Ministry of Primary Industries, NZ) presentation on New Zealand’s forest management strategy and forest-based mitigation measures. View here

Craig Elveridge’s (expert REDD+ Reviewer) presentation on the REDD+ technical review process and key areas for improvement. View here

Deborah Burgess’s (Ministry of Environment, NZ) presentation on how New Zealand built its Land Use Carbon Analysis System (LUCAS) and how to create a high integrity system for forest carbon. View here

Discussion Questions for Articles 5 and 6.2

This discussion slide helps readers think through how REDD+ can meet the key Article 6.2 requirements in order to use Internationally-Transferred Mitigation Outcomes.   It draws attention to the areas where REDD+ will need to meet Article 6.2 requirements in a manner likely more detailed than the Warsaw Framework for REDD+. The slide encourages readers to think about how they can meet these requirements domestically, through agreeing on an approach with a partner country, etc.